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Brass is actually a metal alloy that’s created up of copper, zinc, and tin. Brass mech mods are more conductive than stainless steel ones, but require additional do the job to keep up.

In case you are managing NOS valves, I wouldn’t worry about it a lot of, as NOS valves can very typically just take bigger voltages (Mullards are rated approximately 400V). Existing production valves are generally rated as many as 300V, and you can commonly exceed this by about 10%.

Very first off – terrific site. I’ve been looking for mods for my AC15 and this has become a godsend! I done the brilliant Cap mod the day I discovered this web site and actually cherished the effects – definitely a lot more pedal-welcoming.

Thanks for stopping by and posting a remark. I feel the only mods left, to fully iron out the weak spots for AC15, is to vary the many coupling caps to Sozo’s, and to interchange the output transformer using a Mercury Magnetics.

It is also wise to print out a schematic with the amp you're focusing on and document any modifications you've got designed. That way, if you do must take the amp to an amp tech, you could give them a schematic that properly demonstrates the circuit. The schematic with the AC15CC is presented below.

FWIW – if any of you can get tempted to select up an AC15CC1 on special because of the new AC15C1 product, like I did, Some mods enable it to be a way more usable amp. Pre-mods, and even put up bright cap removal, I had been continue to getting a Laser Beam of Deathtreble® out on the dome on the speaker by using a mic (or positioning myself suitable in front of the amp wherever i could hear what the mic was). And this was applying humbuggers, neck PU, treble rolled waaaay back again.

If This is actually the first modification job you’ve embarked on, otherwise you haven’t now study our information on Have to have Tools For Modding and B.Y.O Kits, visit www.vapecave.com.au I advise halting by there as a first port of call.

Then mount the 250K tone cut pot in the hole which the reverb pot used to sit in, and operate the wires close to to where by the tone cut resistor was on the main PCB board.

Any time you appear within you’ll see two prolonged PCB boards. One particular board sits along The underside on the chassis, This is actually the most important PCB board. Another PCB board is mounted vertically, powering all of the Command knobs and it is known as the ‘pots board’ as all the potentiometers are mounted to it.

Do not forget that new speakers have to have time to interrupt in. So If the amp is new, give the speaker time to interrupt in before you decide to make any choices about upgrading.

[…] journey of me and my Vox AC15 amp. The majority of the mods I executed ended up inspired with the guideline discovered listed here, you should surely test it out should you’re considering doing some mods of one's […]

I took it aside once again and it appears like I in all probability goofed up the relationship concerning the C26 resister and the amount pot.

pondering if any person will help: I am wishing to swap the caps in my AC15h1tv. But I actually don’t recognize which caps I should really change. The schematics are at: www.*blue*guitar.org/new/schem/vox/ac15htvh1_handwired.pdf could any person help me out? I will be really grateful

There are actually even mods the fall a connector completely, obtaining threaded atomizer screw instantly onto the tube. Though these designs assist improve functionality, extra care should be utilized with mods that aspect hybrid connectors. Batteries can vent if a hybrid connector is made use of improperly or carelessly. And because something that has a 510 pin will healthy, one must exercise really serious caution with these products.

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